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Amazingly reliable, durable, and portable!
Simply the ROLLS ROYCE of tanning systems, this is where gorgeous UV Sunless Tanning begins.

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MiniMist T100 is most definitely the ROLLS ROYCE of spray tanning systems. Made in the USA by Apollo Sprayers International - their years of experience in this industry are reflected in this absolutely superb tanning system.

The MiniMist T100  Professional Turbine Powered Sprayer is easy to use anywhere: at home, in a client’s home, in a low volume salon, or as a small business start up.

The MiniMist T100 gives you all the superb qualities of HVLP Sunless Tanning at a very attractive price. Light weight and perfectly portable, the Mini-Mist is expressly designed to apply tanning solutions evenly, efficiently and economically.

Ultra Portable at under 4kg!

Additionally spraying with the T100 over airbrush allows you to do a client’s full body in 10 minutes or less.

5 Great reasons to buy the MiniMist T100 

  • It offers you much greater value in revenue. Some of our clients can get over 30 sprays from 1 litre of solution.

  • It enables the Tanning solution to go on smoothly and gently in a fine layer of mist to maximize skin and DHA adhesion giving an absolutely flawless end result.

  • It is a lightweight dream to use, and highly cost effective because the solution goes on the client, not into the air.

  • IT has an ergonomically designed air-hose for advanced air flow giving you speedier application times; with the addition of a flexible hose designed to reduce operator fatigue.

  • Your clients deserve a superior spray tan experience. When they get that you can be sure they will return for a repeat experience.

It's more expensive because it is simply the best sprayer on the market! That's why we give it a 1year warranty*!
*Subject to adhering to the Instruction Manual

What are you waiting for? 
Your client's deserve the very very best spray tanning experience, this is what will have them coming back time and time again to YOUR PLACE!!