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Bridal 'Tan Plan'

Go for a ‘TAN FITTING’ prior to your wedding!
Written by: Jacqui Hope Powell

Bride tan

Often as part of the preparation for a wedding, or other formal dress event, many women look into the mirror, and decide a tan would be the perfect finishing touch. In the following article I will offer some helpful tips, to assist those who would like to try the sunless tanning alternative.

Can you imagine the horror of waking up on the morning of your wedding day to discover your tan had turned you into an orange oompa loompa?

What a horrid thought yet unfortunately it does happen!!!!

To ensure peace of mind the most effective way to get a flawless tan for your wedding is to forget about doing it yourself and find a trained precision Tanning Technician that uses a reputable spray tanning solution.

The first step in getting a Tan Fitting is to plan the Timing of your spray tan. Always book a trial run a month or so before your ‘wedding day’ especially if you’ve never had a spray tan before. This enables you to see how your skin type reacts to the solution and gives you a guide for what day is best to book the tan before your wedding day. Some like the day before, some like a couple of days before.

Wedding bellsYou also have to consider how best to Prepare your skin for your spray tan. Think of your Tanning Technician as the artist, to get the best results they need a blank canvass. Preparing for your spray tan involves removing as many dead skin cells as possible so that your skin is the silky skin equivalent of a blank canvas. Your Tanning Technician should talk you through all the steps to take before your appointment.

It’s important to think about how to protect your spray tan to optimise the outcome. The last thing you want to do is ruin your spray tan in the first shower off with exfoliating type soaps and sponges. Using a non-abrasive shower gel will protect your spray tan.

And then, that all important question is ‘How long does it last?’ Well this depends on how well you look after your skin, there are wonderful tanning care products around to help you Prolong your spray tan. Keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated will ensure your tan is flawless and last longer than your wedding night!

Will it come off on my wedding dress?’ is another oft asked question from Brides to be. A sunless tanner will not run or rub off onto the outside of your wedding dress, or formal wear, if you take the time to shower any color guide (added tint) or sunless tanner residue off of skin before dressing. But you may experience some rub off onto the inside garment seams. This will easily wash away when garments are cleaned.

Following the above tips, you can achieve a luminous and healthy glow on your special day.

Spray tan for your wedding? YES!! As long as you plan it well with your Tanning Technician.

Jacqui Hope-Powell is the National Trainer for Spraytanz, New Zealand’s premier spray tanning company. She has trained hundred’s of tanning technicians throughout New Zealand and has run her own successful spray tanning business for over 8 years